"Your breakfast tea is the best I have ever had and it's the first thing to pass my lips every morning!"
J. Allen, Cambridgeshire - June 2020

"Astonishingly good. The best tea I've ever tasted." (Purchased Earl Grey Tea Bags and Breakfast Tea Bags)
G. Bailley, South Yorkshire - June 2020

"Many thanks for your lovely ginger tea. I have used lemon and ginger tea in the past but I am now converted to the strong stuff! I use ginger quite a lot for medicinal purposes and so I am really pleased to find a tea that tastes good and does me good too."
C. Evens, Hertfordshire

“We have just tasted your Earl Grey tea for the first time, thanks to a visit to a friend, and would like to become regular purchasers”
A. Fairs, Worcestershire

"Your Earl Grey is absolutely wonderful! Most refreshing and not too over-perfumed. It has a natural Bergamot flavour unlike the supermarket brands."
C. Driver, Shropshire

"I have been searching for tea that tastes like the loose leaf tea I remember drinking when I was younger. I have tried various expensive tea bags as well as loose leaf but they did not taste the same...until I tasted your Breakfast Tea Bags at Burwash Larder. I am down to my last four tea bags and need a top up!!! So much nicer that Sainsbury's Red Label!"
G. Stevenson, Hertfordshire

"I bought a tin of your Broken orange pekoe tea from my local garden food shop. Just sat down to my first brew and it is so nice I might have to be seated for a whole lot longer. Keep up the good work."
Customer from Flitwick, Bedfordshire

"Thank you very much for the tea which arrived yesterday afternoon. I appreciate the time you took to get it to me. I love your green tea!"
M. Jones, Suffolk

"Tea arrived safe & sound today. Thanks for providing such lovely tea & excellent service"
L. Morris, Essex

"I am enjoying the Brunswick tea very much. It is delightfully smooth and when I am served tea elsewhere it seems so bitter and unrefined in comparison."
L. Stanier, Derbyshire

"I was invited to taste your Earl Grey tea at Fairhaven Wholefoods in Letchworth several years ago, which I did under protest as I'd long given up the search for a viable Earl Grey tea. My previous best was from a tea shop called Perch's in Copenhagen, where I paid appx. £9.00 for a box of thirty bags and found them exquisitely good, but unrepeatably expensive. I found Mortier's product to equal Perch's easily, and have been scooping up tins half a dozen at a time from Fairhaven ever since, being gravely and inconsolably depressed if I find them out of stock."
R. Hurst, Hertfordshire

"I will definitely be continuing to buy your teas. Now I've tried the full range (other than bag Breakfast and Green), I'd like to comment on your teas:

Earl Grey - interestingly "grassy" and with a good Bergamot flavour. Bag and leaf versions about the same in results.

Breakfast - nice if you time it right. The quick brewing makes it ideal for first thing in the morning, though - I even use it in my teawaker.

Afternoon (Orange Pekoe)- smooth, deep but with no bitterness - a good "plain" (as opposed to Earl Grey) red tea. Difficult to overdo.

Connoisseur's Choice - (only tried out of date) - superb all-purpose "plain" red tea - compares very well with Dilmah Ceylon Supreme. Would be recommending this.

Green - another "grassy" one - with a light but once again broad flavour, deep in places but with nothing overwhelming. Best green tea I've tried yet. Made this one with water off the boil for 1 minute."
P. Reynolds, London


"I had the good fortune of being given a gift, from my daughter, of Mortier’s Breakfast Tea. I am thrilled because for ages now I’ve been moaning that my tea is too strong, too weak or worse still, bitter.

I sound like a bit of a Goldilocks but I love my ‘cuppa’, your tea was just right. I didn’t know of you but now I do and I can continue to enjoy your products. I will share my lovely cup of tea with friends but don’t really want to. I’ll pass on your information and they can get their own."
D. Blackmore, Hertfordshire

"Excellent tea. Thank you"
S.M.S. Chester

"As someone who lives on tea, Mortier's Earl Grey is simply the best I have found. The flavour and fragrance are delightful, which when coupled with Rochelle's fast and friendly service really does make this a 'must have' in my pantry."
S.King, Fife

"We love your tea. The Brunswick Estate has such a fresh flavour, and it is so invigorating. It is the best!"
S. Marlow, Hertfordshire

"I have been extremely impressed ever since tasting your tea when you visited Bury St Edmunds at the start of the summer. Your tea is superb with an excellent taste and I have yet to find any other tea producers that can match the taste from your tea bags."
M.Houlton-Hart, Bury St. Edmunds

"I bought some of your green tea teabags from the farmer's market in Great Shelford village hall some months ago. I am now a complete convert and enjoying several cups every evening. I am delighted to find your website and will be buying replacement stocks from one of the suppliers featured. It is a delicious tea, so light but flavoursome. Thank you for introducing me to the delights of Ceylon tea."
H. McGhee

"Your teas live up well to their description. The Brunswick gives a good strong brew, with a deep taste and no bitterness. The UVA is most interesting. It is delicate but full of flavour and slightly aromatic. Most enjoyable."
D. Pearce-Higgins, Herefordshire