Mortier's Fine Ceylon Teas of Hinxworth, Hertfordshire

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We supply retailers and cafés. Please contact us for wholesale inquiries for high quality tea bags and loose leaf teas.

All our fine single estate teas are made for us in Sri Lanka (known as Ceylon Tea), from estates nestled high up in the hills where the tea grows more slowly and produces more natural flavour.

The tea is picked and packed for us and shipped directly to Hertfordshire to ensure premium quality and freshness.

We invite you to taste our traditional quality leaf teas and tea bags.

Choose from our award winning Earl Grey infused with the natural flavour of Bergamot, our own unique breakfast tea from a single estate, which can be quaffed all day or our light green teas full of flavonoids and antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.  Our very special single estate Orange Pekoe whole leaf is a testament to the skill of Ceylon tea makers.

Single estate Ceylon teas are simply special owing to the unique climate, the altitude of the plantation, the skilled hands that pick the leaves and the long experience of Ceylon tea makers .